Anthony Ruffine

Operational Excellence

Tony Ruffine.jpg

A skilled executive who combines financial acumen, deep market understanding and operational expertise to deliver growth and find new sources of value for organizations in the solar, building materials and energy space. 


Gets new businesses launched quickly and profitably, finds the right solutions to turn around troublesome divisions and successfully delivers on mergers and acquisitions strategies.  Understands complex financing and has completed over 100 C&I solar projects and multiple M&A transactions.


Works with teams up and down an organization to make sure that projects are strategically sound, financially compelling and operationally viable.  Has negotiated deals on 4 continents.

Select achievements

  • Expertise in solar and new energy products including extensive work on solar new product development, solar project construction and financing, and energy storage products

  • Successful M&A guidance and post acquisition integrations that minimize operational disruption while maximizing financial returns

  • Proven partnerships at all levels of an organization to assure that solutions are owned by the team

  • Collaboration with tax, legal and CFOs to assure deal structures and operations are defined and meet corporate goals.

  • Expert at developing board level communications that concisely explain complex markets and

  • Hands on communication with customers to assure quick market acceptance and to optimize product offerings to customer requirements.

  • Financial acumen, Certified Public Accountant, strong with digital marketing and customer loyalty platforms.  MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.