How much is experience worth?

Survey questions


Question 1. Months required to master complexity* for each job


This question is about how long it takes to master complexity, for each job position.


Master complexity:  research shows that experience increases productivity, up to a point when the skills are mastered. Those skills involve both technical expertise and the ability to successfully deploy people, processes, and tools. 

For example, a Junior Controller keeps getting better for up to 3 years. By then, she knows where to book most items, what systems to use, how to do it and whom to ask when there is an issue. Thereafter, her productivity for that job remains unchanged until she is promoted to the next job.


For each job position: when the Junior Controller is promoted to Controller/ Manager, the process starts all over again. It takes her about 3 years to become fully familiar with supervising others and the new responsibilities. 


When answering this question, please quantify the number of months for each position separately.




Question 2. How much more (%) would you be willing to pay someone who has “mastered complexity” compared to someone who is new in the position?



This question tries to capture how much a hiring manager is willing to pay for experience. Using the same example as in question 1, imagine that you are hiring the replacement for the Junior Controller you have just promoted to Controller. One candidate has just graduated and has no experience. Another candidate, with the same exact education, has 3 years of experience. How much more would you be willing to pay the candidate who is an expert?