Price Management Expertise

Now is the time

Competitors, driven by salary/wage and transportation cost inflation are increasing prices. The Wall Street Journal has indicated that the market is better prepared for it. Our process & methodology enable firms to achieve optimal pricing, in most cases increasing profitability by one third

How we do it. Our Tool

Our Advanced Technology tools with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities (developed by the airline industry) quickly and confidently analyze your data. Using our cloud-based databases a typical transaction could involve 2 million pieces of information. 

Our Expertise

By having met with CEOs, CFOs, VP Sales, Directors, Managers and Sales Executives we realize that the right pricing strategy is critical to sustaining and growing profit and we understand the concerns associated with raising prices.

Implemented by highly experienced Executive level resources with broad experience in over 50 markets using a sustainable flexible process,  we provide insights to enable you to find the best pricing strategy for each product, service, and customer.



 Many firms can predict increases in profitability by as much a one third using our approach. A recent US project identified and implemented over $50M in increased profit per year



We know that confidentiality is of utmost concern and we do not disclose the name of any of the customers we work for nor do we collect or use any personally identifiable information

Performance guarantee

We work on a project fee basis or on an increased profitability basis


A project with an increased annual profitability of $50 million will be capped at a fee of $50,000 (plus travel expenses and set up cost)

Easy implementation

We are able to work with any data in any format. Our processes are able to work with any ERP system. Competitor's net pricing information is collected for any market in the US or selected markets in Europe, Asia & Latin America

Talk to our Expert

This area of expertise is led by Paul Bergen, a former IBM executive who has enabled clients to increase profitability for over 20 years.