Global Growth

George Benaroya Strategy
George Benaroya Strategy

George Benaroya_1.2BillionEuros
George Benaroya_1.2BillionEuros

George Benaroya Strategy
George Benaroya Strategy


Pricing strategy, policy

and optimization;

Sales growth plan;

Distributor selection and management;

Sales Analytics, any ERP system dashboards;

Strategic plan/blueprint development, alignment & implementation  

Market segmentation, cannibalization

Visited clients, consumers, operations, and competitors in over 180 countries to enable companies to sell more units, at a higher price, which were produced at a lower cost.

For over 20 years, enabled uninterrupted 15% annual growth by setting up the correct infrastructures in the US, China, Russia, Japan, Brazil and other international markets.

Developed and deployed strategic plans, distribution models and the right pricing strategy.  This included the application of a Global Pricing Policy, the selection of global distributors and the ability to solve foreign exchange exposure for our clients.


Transformed the Distributors’ business (€1 Billion) by executing a holistic value chain analysis and adapting industry best practices. Deployed a system to track revenue, inventory and Distributor’s margin in 130 countries.


Implemented a Regional, National & Global Pricing Policy.

Facilitated the largest price change in company’s last 20 years and successfully introduced it to 144 key customers.


Front-line experience on price management in the US, Japan, Latin America & Europe.

Optimized pricing across 15,000 clients in the US, a European Price List, and 400,000 SKUs globally, leading to the highest profitability on record.

Created processes and systems which are able to gather data from anywhere (any ERP system, excel) to populate dashboard for real-time decision making and enabled teams to make use of a full range of sales analytics.

Made it possible for consumers to have product availability when other competitors were unable to (local footprint, imports, and exports) leading to lasting market share gains.