Benaroya_Faster Closing
Benaroya_Faster Closing



Global consolidation


Financial accounting

Actionable management information


Faster closing cycle


Annual budgeting process


Financial planning and analysis


4.4.5 Implementation


C-suite experience

Board of Directors exposure 

As Global Controller, established solid financial systems and a performance culture to spur profitable growth.


Led the consolidation in over 180 countries, multiple currencies and information systems, working both with IFRS and US GAAP.


Led Finance organizations (20 to 400 heads) to a Best-in-Class performance by providing actionable management information (US pending patent on the process).


Faster closing cycle: performed a benchmark with Fortune 500 companies, including meeting with CFOs. As a result, the closing process was reduced by 40%.


Led the Annual Budgets and Monthly Closing. This included managing different stakeholders across all regions and different business units, including the CEO, the CFO, the Board, and Country Managers. Significant improvement on quality of discussions by working with business unit controllers to improve financial controls and increase transparency of management information. The methodology resulted in global best practices  implemented in Asia and Europe. Profitability improved threefold.


Rotated through all Finance functions: Accounting, Cost Accounting (managed 80 plants and Distribution Centers), Financial Analysis, Treasury, and Tax. Half of career at headquarters and a half running local finance organizations ($10 Mio to $1.8 Bio).


Quarterly Conference Calls: Implemented Quarterly Business Reviews.Trained the team to replace “accounting queries” with intellectually stimulating, business oriented discussions.


Chart of Account Harmonization: enabled a more efficient use of it at private and public companies; from a legal and management reporting point of view.


4.4.5: led the successful implementation of 4.4.5 in organizations where it had previously failed.


Training: Developed and executed annual training sessions in Asia, Europe and the Americas where all Finance Directors and Controllers were trained on financial management.


Dealing with “Headquarters versus Regions”: Implemented a program under which controllers would visit their respective regions periodically (aim was “most of the time out of the office”). Tours included visiting local factories, customers, and retailers. The team earned a reputation in the local markets for being the only ones in headquarters understanding the marketplace dynamics. Significant improvement in engagement.